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The SEALED 10-year warranty

Here at SEALED, we stand by our work, and to guarantee your peace of mind, we provide a free 10-year warranty on all poured foundation cracks sealed with expanding polyurethane. 

What is Covered

Warranty Details

The SEALED 10-year warranty is really simple.  If at any time for up to ten years from the date of SEALED’s repair, a crack which SEALED has repaired with expanding polyurethane shows signs of water penetration, SEALED will provide the materials and labor to repair the crack.

If a repair is necessary, the homeowner must ensure that the crack is accessible to SEALED and not covered by drywall, paneling, paint or other material.

This warranty does not apply in the case of damage caused by an earthquake, adverse sub-soil conditions, or any work done prior to or subsequent to the original repair by SEALED, performed by other parties on the original repair site.

We are warrantying against leaks, not  further movement of the wall. If the epoxy has cracked, that is a primary indicator that the crack has expanded.

SEALED’s warranty is transferable to subsequent owners at no charge and applies to the property described.

A set of repair tools and epoxy

Ready to start a project?

SEALED offers free inspections and estimates on all poured foundation crack repair Jobs. Drop us a line anytime, and one of SEALED’s Kansas City crack repair experts will respond to you as soon as possible.