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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered many of your commonly asked questions about our services in general, and specifics about our foundation crack repair process. 

It depends on several factors including the length, width and amount of wall preparation required. Most single cracks cost less than $500 for polyurethane injection. Carbon fiber repairs are a bit higher. But don’t worry, SEALED offers free inspections and estimates, so it doesn’t cost you anything to have us take a look.

An assortment of things may cause poured foundations to crack. Settling, especially after several decades; wide temperature fluctuations in the ground; the presence of clay in the soil; and sometimes the quality of the original work are all common reasons for cracks.

In most cases we can be done in just a few hours. But for homes with multiple cracks it could require two visits.

We set our appointments around your schedule and in most cases we can begin within a few days of our inspection.

All material covering the crack must be removed including drywall, paneling, wallpaper, shelves, and studs. And if necessary, SEALED’s estimate will include the time required to remove any previous repair.

Our work on polyurethane injection and carbon fiber repairs on poured foundation wall cracks carries a ten year warranty against leaks. In addition, the warranty is fully transferable in the event you sell your home.

SEALED get paid when the work is complete. No deposit is required. And we accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

Ready to start a project?

SEALED offers free inspections and estimates on all poured foundation crack repair Jobs. Drop us a line anytime, and one of SEALED’s Kansas City crack repair experts will respond to you as soon as possible.