The Fuller Center under construction

Charitable Work

Sealed LLC and the Fuller Center

In the Fall of 2016, the SEALED team met with representatives of the Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Kansas City to learn about their work and their mission. As a result, we discovered a new opportunity to serve others.  That conversation led to the honor of our assisting with the renovation of a home in Kansas City just off I-35 near Gladstone.  We spent a number of hours during several visits. After many months and nearly one hundred volunteers, the work was completed. As a result of an enormous amount of work, that completely renovated home now houses a young family.

About the Fuller Center

The Fuller Center for Housing of Kansas City is a charitable organization that creates quality homes for deserving families. The work is largely done by volunteers and by relationships and partnerships with local churches, individuals, and civic organizations. However, anyone is welcome to devote some time to these projects.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Kansas City, MO is a Christian 501 (c) (3) organization.  It seeks to eradicate poverty housing by promoting partnerships with individuals and churches and community groups to build and rehabilitate homes for people in need. It is a local Covenant Partner organization of the Fuller Center for Housing based out of Americus, GA.

The SEALED team spent several days this fall working on a seventy-year-old home.  We assisted in assessing and repairing leaks in basement walls, corners and around the water intake of the home.  We also got to meet other folks who share our passion for this work. The home is now nearly finished, thanks to many hands. SEALED donated all of our time and material costs to this important undertaking. We believe that everyone should have a safe and durable home.

A group of volunteers working on the siding at the Fuller House
Fuller Center before windows were added
Fuller Center volunteers
Fuller Center sealed basement leak

The Olive Street Project

The Olive Street Project has involved numerous volunteers from several area churches. These folks show up on Wednesdays and Saturdays to replace siding, install insulation, and hang sheetrock. They may also redo the landscaping, paint, haul off trash, as well as whatever else needs to be done. Other volunteers show up at lunchtime to bring sandwiches, water, and fruit.  It becomes a great opportunity for fellowship as the sound of power tools and good conversation accompany the work.

On December 4, 2016, the Fuller Center of Kansas City held a Blessing Ceremony for the Olive St house. The single mother and two children who will soon move in was honored and presented a frame of prayers which now are embedded in the walls. Some were written by the more than 100 volunteers who participated in this project and some were written by homeless people who occupied the home during the period when it was abandoned. Several dozen community leaders, volunteers, and prior partner home recipients were in attendance. Importantly, the family will now buy the home on a no-interest, no-profit, affordable mortgage.  Their payments will be used to build someone else a home.

Being part of the Olive Street Project has been very meaningful to us.  If you would like to learn more, make a donation, or offer your time to a project, take a look at the Fuller Center of Kansas City Website.

Fuller Center recieving family presented with house
A group of volunteers observing the finished home
Fuller Center volunteers at work

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