A set of scored groves in a concrete wall being filled with epoxy to prepare for carbon fiber crack lock

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Carbon Fiber Crack Locks

SEALED can repair a bowed wall with carbon fiber straps and steel braces bolted to the floor joists. This repair can be accomplished on both poured and concrete block foundation walls.

How it works

Carbon Fiber Crack Locks Explained

Rhino Carbon Fiber Crack Locks™ are a unique and affordable way to arrest the continued separation of a concrete crack.  They are strips of high tensile strength carbon fiber which are just one foot long and one-half-inch wide.  Placed at frequent intervals across a crack and embedded in high-strength epoxy, they will help stabilize cracks in walls and floors which run vertically, diagonally, horizontally, or exceed 1/4″ in width.

Installation is simple.  We trace the planned location and then cut a groove with a tuck-point grinder one-half-inch deep.  We then drill two holes to accommodate the buttons at each end. Each Crack Lock is epoxied into the groove.

The individual Carbon Fiber Crack Locks are deliberately placed at a variety of angles across the crack in order to maximize the planes being reinforced, but are generally perpendicular to the crack being repaired.

SEALED will extract all dust and lay a beginning layer of high-strength epoxy along the groove, then place the Crack Lock™ in the groove so that the Crack Lock is at or just below the surface of the wall or floor being repaired.

Finally, we layer additional epoxy across the area and smooth it so the area may be painted. Crack Locks are actually stronger than the rebar originally placed into the concrete!


Carbon fiber crack locks
Basement wall crack prepared for crack lock application
Close-up of carbon fiber crack lock before final seal
Multiple carbon fiber crack locks along a large set of cracks

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