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Rusted Rebar Repair

Rebar is short for “Reinforcing Bar” and these steel bars are used in concrete construction to add strength and prevent cracking in concrete that supports heavy weights. Rebar will be found in residential foundations to help the walls support the weight of the home.

How it works

Rusted Rebar Repair Process

Often, residential walls, especially in homes that are several decades old, will allow moisture to seep into the concrete which can cause the rebar to rust. This in turn reduces the strength of the walls. As the rebar rusts, it expands and causes the concrete to break or spall. But it can be repaired. Broken and spalled concrete from rebar rusting will expand over time and should be repaired when detected.

SEALED can chip away loose concrete to expose the rusted rebar. We then clean the area around the rusted metal and apply special epoxy which accomplishes two tasks. 1) it coats the rebar which limits the spread of rust and 2) it actually adds strength back to the damaged rebar. A coat of new concrete can then be applied to cover the rebar.

Homeowners may be able to detect rusted rebar by sight where exposed, or by examining concrete that has cracked on a horizontal basis, either inside or outside of the home.

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