Applying a carbon fiber sheet to a foundation crack

Video Gallery

Here are several short crack repair videos that show how SEALED technicians seal and fix basement foundation cracks.

Play Video about SEALED, LLC Tech Injects Polyurethane into Basement Crack

This time-lapse video shows a tech injecting all the ports on a foundation crack, starting at the bottom and working up.

Play Video about SEALED, LLC Technician Injects Polyurethane Into Wall Crack

Here a tech demonstrates injecting polyurethane mixed with water into the port of an epoxied crack.  When he finishes he caps the port to prevent leaking as the polyurethane expands.

Play Video about SEALED, LLC Tech Applies FIbatape

In this video, a tech explains how we use Fibatape to create a stronger seal as we lay in epoxy and set ports for injection.

Play Video about SEALED, LLC Filling Basement Crack with Expanding Liquid Polyurethane

This SEALED tech will demonstrate injecting expanding liquid polyurethane into a diagonal crack in a poured foundation.

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