How Building Trust Will Grow Your Business

I have come to learn that many of my customers are also business owners, or are people who help manage the business where they work.  And they know, as I do, that referrals (and reviews) are a great source of expanding their customer base.  In the  case of SEALED, LLC about 70% of our business comes from direct referrals or on-line reviews.

I contend that there are critical elements which determine whether people will refer their friends, neighbors and colleagues to a particular business.  And the first, and most important of those elements is TRUST.  People do business with people and companies they trust.  Here are three things you should do in your business that will enhance trust from your customers and prospects.

Quality.  Whether you sell a product or a service, ensure that in every respect it is of high quality.  If you are not proud of your products or services, your customers can tell.  Promote your quality materials and processes.  Convince your potential customers that you offer a high quality solution.  One easy way to do this is to offer a warranty that the solution you offer will work, or that you will come back and repair or replace it. At SEALED, LLC we warranty our repairs using an injection of liquid polyurethane into cracks in poured foundations against leaks for ten years.  And, the warranty is fully transferrable if the property is sold any time during that decade.

Be transparent and honest.  Explain what you will do, how long it will take, and what it will cost.  Do not leave anything out.  And if any issues arise, go directly to your customer and explain what changes or substitutions are necessary and why.  No surprises.

Communicate thoroughly and often.  You cannot over communicate, and it is likely that your customer does not know the details of your product or service.  Answer their questions and ensure that they have whatever information they may need.

There are many other paths to building trust, but these three are all at the top of the list.  You will be rewarded with satisfied customers and you will earn referrals from your customers based largely on how they feel about you and your practices.

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