It May Be That The Basement Foundation Fix You Need Is Less Expensive Than You Imagine

When you find water in your basement or dampness in your carpet, most people assume they are facing a major repair and a pricey bill.

But with the experience of several years and hundreds of successfully repaired cracks in poured foundations, I can assure you that most repairs can be done for less than $1,000, and a single floor to ceiling crack will often cost around $500.

Yes, some conditions require extensive work and will put a dent in anyone’s credit card, but that is the exception.  My first recommendation is that you get several bids.  Ask neighbors and colleagues who they have used and if they were satisfied.  Get several written bids including descriptions of the problem and the proposed solution.  Make sure that each firm offers some sort of warranty, and if it is transferrable if the property is sold. And if there are any limitations/exceptions know that as well.

At SEALED, most of our repairs can be made by cleaning the surface of the crack and injecting it with liquid polyurethane.  And even two or three cracks can usually be completed in one visit. You will only pay when the work is complete.

We never charge for inspections or bids so call us today at 816.308.2881.

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