Why Fixing Basement Cracks Should Be a Priority

Keeping your home safe and protected from damage should always be top of mind. You repair broken or old appliances, you paint faded walls, and you replant ragged shrubs. But when it comes to cracks in your poured foundations many homeowners simply wait.

What you may not realize is that leaving cracks untreated has actual costs.

First, whatever you may spend will only get larger over time. Materials and labor are sure to rise each year. Second, those cracks are quite likely to get longer and wider with each passing season. And finally, damaged walls can migrate to become sticky doors and windows or cracks in the drywall, making a small issue into a potentially larger one.

At a minimum, you should have a professional foundation contractor inspect and measure the cracks you may have, and let them provide you with an assessment of the status and a recommended treatment plan.

Let SEALED, LLC conduct a complimentary inspection. This week. There is no obligation and whether there are cracks that need attention or not, at least you will know how your foundation is performing. Call 816.308.2881 to get on our schedule.

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