The Fuller Center for Housing’s 2017 National Conference

The Fuller Center for Housing

SEALED is proud to be affiliated with the The Fuller Center for Housing.  Based in Americus, GA it was founded by Millard Fuller after he left his leadership role at Habitat for Humanity.  Fuller Center is a faith based organization dedicated to providing adequate housing for those in need around the world through collaborative partnerships.  The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Kansas City is a Covenant Partner with Fuller Center.  The Fuller Center practices Enlightened Charity by building homes which are then sold to selected individuals and families via a no-profit, no-interest mortgage with reasonable payments.  The funds generated (along with money from donations and fundraising) are then used to build more homes.  You may see more in the Fuller Center section of our website.

(l) David Snell, President and Co-Founder of The Fuller Center for Housing

This Spring, SEALED traveled with several others from the Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Kansas City to Hammond, LA on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain.  This region saw over 100,000 homes flood in 2016 in areas which had not experienced flooding before.  Most were not covered by flood insurance.  We spent a day assisting with installing drywall on a home that had been badly flooded, and then two days at the Fuller Center for Housing’s 2017 National Conference hosted by the Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center for Housing at First Presbyterian Church of Hammond.  Both were joyful experiences.

“I got this!”

Being in fellowship (and up to our elbows in drywall “mud”) was topped only by the delicious cajun spread which was provided to volunteers at lunch.  The day ended with a House Blessing and a statement full of gratitude from the homeowners. 

Cajun lunch for volunteers
Grateful Homeowners

The conference was a great opportunity to meet people representing Covenant Partners from around the county and even one from Nicaragua.  We spent time comparing notes, learning about fund raising, how to recruit volunteers and the ins and out of good Board of Director practices.  David Snell, President and Co-Founder gave a very personal overview of the history of Fuller Center and his work with Millard Fuller over several decades.  The weather in Hammond was delightful but the drive to and from Louisiana was rain-soaked.  On our way home in Southern Missouri, we were forced take a 20 mile detour to navigate around a flooded bridge near West Plains, MO.  But we still returned energized and full of excitement about the work ahead.

Drywall “mud”
House Blessing

We cannot wait for the next opportunity to spend time with The Fuller Center for Housing and the people it serves around the world.

SEALED’s Chief Crack Filler with Linda Fuller Degelman, whose late husband Millard Fuller founded both Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing.

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