Learn Three Interesting Facts About Concrete…And A Joke


At SEALED we are always looking to expand our knowledge of the materials we work with.  We love finding facts about concrete, about some of its history, and sharing it with you.

1.   Concrete foundations have been found to have been used as far back as ancient Egypt in the construction of the pyramids.  Concrete floors have also been found in ancient Greece, Crete, and Cyprus. Can you imagine your home’s foundation lasting hundreds of years?

2.   You may think that concrete is a simple material. But, admixture agents called “retarders” such as sugar, glucose and citric acid are often added to the ingredients in concrete.  They are used to slow the rate of hardening in specific concrete applications.         

3.   Concrete is economical, strong and has great utility for all kinds of construction.  Once cement, aggregate, and water are mixed, the resulting slurry (a thin semi-liquid mixture) can be poured or formed into almost any shape.  And as it begins to harden it will easily hold its shape at an angle or even on a vertical surface. These advantages are why almost all residential foundations are built of poured concrete.

Learn more about how we repair cracks in poured foundations with either injected polyurethane or carbon fiber products.


Q:  What did the fish say when he swam into a concrete wall?                A: “Dam!”

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