Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Locks™ Can Strengthen Concrete Foundations

Often, we focus on leaks and eliminating water when we do foundation repair.  When that is the case, our polyurethane injection process is our best weapon.  But frequently we may have concerns about structure and we need to add strength to a wall for our clients.  Carbon fiber straps by Rhino Products USA have been our mainstay, but now there is a new product:  Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Locks™.  These small but mighty carbon fiber pieces – just one foot long and 1/2” wide – can actually lock the two pieces of foundation together and arrest the crack, preventing further movement.

We often use Concrete Crack Locks™ in combination with our polyurethane injections, especially when we have a crack that is close to 1/4” wide or when the crack runs horizontally.

They are also simple to install, with no special equipment required.  With a tuck point blade, we just create a 12” long groove at least 1/2” deep, generally perpendicular to the crack. Then we drill 1/2” diameter holes at each end with a hammer drill.  Next, we completely clean the groove and holes of all concrete dust, place epoxy in the groove, and place the Concrete Crack Lock™ in the epoxy.  We add more epoxy until it is even with the surface of the wall or floor and scrape off the excess with a putty knife. Done.

Once dry, the repaired area can be ground smooth to accommodate painting or the placement of another surface material.

At SEALED, we use an assortment of products from Rhino Products USA.  Their carbon fiber straps, Concrete Crack Locks™, and specialized epoxies are of the highest quality and they provide support whenever we need it, even in the middle of a repair.

Below, you will see some examples of Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Locks™ which SEALED has recently installed in homes in the Kansas City area.

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