Three Carbon Fiber Facts and a Foundation Joke

1.  As part of conventional carbon fiber production, precursor material goes through several processes that include stretching, oxidation (to raise the melting temperature) and carbonization in high- temperature furnaces that vaporize about 50 percent of the material, making it nearly 100 percent carbon.

2.  Carbon fiber can be woven into a fabric that is suitable for use in defense applications or added to a resin and molded into preformed pieces, such as vehicle components or wind turbine blades.

3.  In addition to its uses in foundation repair, advances in this fiber will help American manufacturers lower the cost and improve the performance of wind turbine blades and towers, electronics, energy storage components and power transmission lines.

A Foundation Joke:

After a week of pouring foundations for new homes, the new guy says:  “I really don’t like this job.”  His foreman gives him a steely look and says:  “Why not?”  The kid doesn’t make eye contact but mutters:  “It keeps getting harder and harder.”

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