Three Reasons Why You Should Seal Your Foundation Cracks – And A Concrete Joke

Three Reasons You Should Seal Your Foundation Cracks – And  A Joke

Sealing a foundation wall or floor crack is about more than just keeping water out of your home, It is about keeping your home, your basement, your foundation and your family healthy.  Someday, you will likely want to sell your home.  Effective, continuous maintenance will ensure that when you do, your home will be in good shape.  Here are three of the most important reasons for sealing all the cracks you find in your poured foundation walls and floors.

  1. Sealing cracks prevents or stops water and moisture from entering your basement. This water is not just annoying, it can ruin carpeting, drywall, furniture and contribute to mold.
  2. Sealing cracks helps to prevent insects and rodents from gaining access to your home, where they could breed and multiply. Then, you will not only need to repair the cracks, you will also need to have pest control experts treat your home.  And those insects which enter through a crack in your basement, will eventually end up in your kitchen and living areas as well.
  3. Sealing cracks reduces the potential for radon to enter and build up in your basement.  Radon is not uncommon here in the Midwest and the EPA says that radon is responsible for up to 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the USA.

Call Sealed today for a free inspection of your foundation.  We are a locally owned foundation repair contractor ready to assist you in keeping your home in great shape.

Concrete Joke:

Concrete is a unique product and should never be taken for granite.

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