Three Things You May Not Know About Epoxy And A Joke


  1. Epoxy resins are usually found as two substances: a “curing agent” and a “base”.  When a SEALED tech mixes them together they create a chemical reaction, generate heat, and bond into a hard plastic.  For repairing foundation cracks, their adhesive properties and durability are superior. These properties are key factors to consider in our choice of what to use to place a cap over narrow vertical and diagonal cracks in your basement walls.
  2. The chemicals in epoxy resins we use in foundation repair can cause eye, ear, nose, throat and skin irritations. All SEALED, all of our techs are trained to wear protective gear. However, once the elements have been mixed and have hardened, the resulting epoxy is almost completely non-toxic. This means no toxic or corrosive materials are brought into your home. At SEALED, we value safety over all other aspects of our work
  3. You should never leave epoxy of any kind unattended where children or pets are around, because it takes only a second for trouble to occur.  SEALED techs are required to wear gloves and a thorough hand washing is a must for anyone working with epoxy.
  4. Q: What did the cartridge of epoxy curing agent say to the cartridge of base.
    A:  Let’s mix it up and stick together

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